DataPak 700S

Advanced monitoring for the seam welding professional

The Datapak 700S can be used as a specialist seam weld meter or as a machine process monitor. By measuring current, time and force and having the capability to interface with individual welding stations, it can supplement and enhance legacy installations or replace existing meters. One of the important advantages of the Datapak is the provision of independent weld monitoring which is not affected by possible malfunctions within welding controls that may otherwise result in undetected welding errors. Up to 64 se- lectable monitoring programs and a teach facility allow easy set-up. Flexible inputs and outputs allow connection to a wide range of welding control systems. Data can be exported via the RS-232 port.





  • Unique weld current/time profile monitoring with easy set up
  • Records seam welds of up to 80 seconds long
  • Recorded data can be sent via a built in RS232 port to a printer or PC
  • Measures two key process parameters—Current and Time
  • Integral Weld counter
  • 60 programmes
  • Real-time clock records time and date of each weld
  • Current monitoring with high, low and pre-limits
  • Time monitoring in increments of 1/2 cycle, 1 cycle and 1ms at frequencies of 50/60 Hertz or 1 kHz
  • Program teach facility for easy set-up
  • Primary or secondary current measurement using toroid or CT
  • Toroid and CT sensor calibration function
  • Toroid test function
  • Machine interlock contact
  • Analogue output of current level
  • Large bright 4x20 character electro-fluorescent display
  • RS232 port, for PC communications and print-out of weld data
  • Key-switch security.
  • Measures AC or DC current


  • Display: 4 x 20 character VFD
  • Indicators:
    • Fault
    • Warn
    • Pass
    • Count
  • Touch sensitive membrane keypad:
    • 8 keys and 3 indicators
  • Key Switch
    • Position 1- Bypass
    • Position 2- Normal
    • Position 3- Reset/Edit
  • Weld on/off   optional---24VDC
  • Primary or Secondary monitoring
  • Program selection:
    • Internal default
    • External binary
  • Toroid sensitivity: 100 to 2,000 mV/kA
  • CT ratio: 800:1
  • Communications Port: RS232
  • Real time clock: h:m:s dd:mm:yyyy



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