EN6001 Constant Current AC Controls



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Instruction Manuals



• Program Lockout (key switch)
• Operation Mode Switch (Program Lockout and Weld/No Weld)
• Error Reset Switch
• Optional plug-in Ether- net/RS232/RS485 cards provides PLC compatibility via MODBUS and EtherNet/IP for remote I/O


• Constant current regulation / Secondary feedback
• Current monitoring with high, low, and pre-limits
• Up to 64 programs (internal or external selection)
• On Timer Membrane Keyboard with backlit 128x64 (8 lines) LCD graphic display
• Six (6) inputs and four (4) outputs with output protection on CPU
• Electrode management functions, including stepping, current and force counting, tip-dressing and preset curves
• Welding programs may be linked together for complex spot schedules (chained or successive) Refresh firmware through USB device
• Load/export control settings from/to USB device
• AC 60/50 Hz welding supported
• Spot / Pulsation / Seam (quad heat) / Seam welding / Flash or Butt welding / Brazing
• Multiple weld intervals plus pulsation, upslope and downslope
• Air-over-oil gun operation
• Retraction – maintained, and momentary
• Water Saver (contactor timer)
• Head lock function


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