EN1000/EN1001 Bench

Multiple Schedule/Multiple Sequence Controls

The EN1000/EN1001 Series Bench Control is ideal for programming schedules for welding coated materials, aluminum, other non-ferrous metals, special alloys, multiple thickness of materials and many special part configurations.

PowerPoint Presentation for EN1000/EN1001
Manual for EN1000/EN1001
Cascade Manual EN1000/EN1001




  • Store up to 50 Unique Schedules
  • Four Cycle Modes can be programmed for complex welding schedules
  • Single valve output circuitry



  • Upslope / Downslope
  • Quench / Temper
  • Pulsation Sequence
  • Multi-Weld Count/Multi-Current Select
  • Preheat / Postheat
  • Seam Weld (Continuous and Intermittent)
  • 4 Cycle Modes
  • 87° First Half Cycle Delayed Firing, Anti-Saturation Circuit
  • Single Half Cycle Weld Selection
  • Polarity Reverse Switch
  • Single Stage Pilot / Two State Pilot
  • Beat / Non-Beat Operation

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